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    pmp mp5 player

    pmp mp5 player
    pmp mp5 playerpmp mp5 playerpmp mp5 playerpmp mp5 player
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    Много добро решение на комбиниран и лесен за употребаплейър с голям брой вградени игри/25/+фотоапарат 1,3 Мп+електронна книга+.....Games PMP Player P4*2.8 inch TFT screen display*Video: ASF; 3GP; MPEG-4*FM radio:auto-search*Recording*Built-in speaker*Support Mini SD Card, the big capacity games that exist in card, each card contains 25PCS games,Game: 8bit NES and 32bit BIN format*Digital vidicon/video camera function, Digital camera with 1.3M pixel *E-book function *Audio play function, support MP3/WMA/WAV etc *Photo browsing function,Photo: JEPG; BMP; GIF*Kinds of repeat modes, volume control electronically *Built-in microphone recording *Support video output, AV OUT (TV-NTSC/TV-PAL) *Ten thousand calendars, time display *Movie play function, support ASF format of MEPG-4, or by the software to transfer into ASF format to play *Built-in lithium battery2GB BUILD IN MEMORY